Who is Sky Index LTD?

SKY INDEX LTD is a distinct and rapidly growing investment company headquartered in the Marshal Islands and aims to enhance the ability of investors in financial markets through the provision of high capabilities of advanced programs to control their operations in the highly volatile market conditions.

The company has endeavored from its inception to provide the latest trading technology and employ it to serve traders with accuracy and high quality. Therefore, we have contracted with the major financial services technology companies and find experienced competencies to manage operations.

Sky Index adopts an advanced pricing system, where we filter prices from a group of liquidity providers from international banks and choose the best and most accurate rates, with the lowest spreads.

To increase profit opportunities and reduce customer losses, the company uses the Immediate Execution Model (NDD) to execute client deals without any human intervention, which reduces the time required to execute deals in fractions of a second.

Who is Sky Index?

Sky Index was established with a clear goal of serving traders and providing the best trading conditions for investors